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OUR MISSION: It is our mission to provide students with relevant, challenging curriculum and positive educational choices so they may achieve a proficiency of academic, career, and life skills while earning a high school diploma through differentiated instruction and vocational training.


2014-15 School Year

First Day of School, Monday, August 4th

Returning Student Registration

Tuesday, July 29th

  • 7:30 - 9:30 a.m.  or
  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

New Student Registration

Wednesday, July 30th

  • 7:30 - 9:30 a.m.

Expulsion Student Registration

Wednesday, July 30th

  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


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Final Enrollment Steps
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    (College and Career Readiness Program used in all Career's Classes)
  1. Make appointment for Star testing.
  2. Have interview with Counselor.

     Once your invited to the Orientation bring the following items:

  • Withdrawal Sheet from home high school (if you were in school the spring semester)
  • $25.00 Student Activity Fee
  • Student Handbook Agreement Signed.  Click on the link below to review Handbook:
  • R-5%20StudentHANDBOOK%202013-14
  • School-to-work/education training Agreement.


R-5 High School is proud to offer a rigorous, relevant, and engaging curriculum within a caring environment designed specifically for students who want an alternative learning experience.  We start new students every 20 days, from August through April, with our four main sessions strategically aligned to the end of our district's traditional high schools' end-of-quarter.  I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about R-5 to contact us at 254-6880. 

Thank you,

Anna Goetz

R-5 Principal


R-5 High School: R-5 High School is a three-year (10-12) high school that provides students a positive, self-paced learning environment. The instruction at R-5 is individualized so that each student may enroll and progress at his or her own rate. The program consists of five academic morning classes, while in the afternoons students must either have a job or be enrolled in an approved vocational/technical program. Either of these will generate additional credit towards a diploma. Most students complete 5 to 7 credits each school year.


Young Parent Program: This program is designed to provide four focused hours of instruction daily to teen mothers, or soon-to-be mothers, as well as providing a nursery for their infants while they are attending class. It is a well-structured support component that helps students gain needed life skills, and learn about pregnancy and parenting and how to access community resources, in addition to meeting their academic needs

Key Performance Program: This program serves students who are 17 years or older and who are two or more years behind in credits earned.  Students who have successfully earned credits in specific math, social studies, and science classes and who have strong reading and writing skills may apply for the program.  KPP students can take this alternative pathway toward earning a high school diploma.  They must demonstrate proficiencies through several portfolios and passing all of the WorkKeys tests.  Students who are highly motivated can complete the program in 1 year.

Contact Information

Address: 310 7th S. Grand Junction CO 81501  
Phone: Main number and fax (970)254-6880       Fax: (970)242-4465
Principal: Don Trujillo (970)254-6883
Assistant Principal: Cortney Valerio (970)254-6884
Counselor: Willa Shepardson


Counselor: Michelle Haptonstall (970)254-6880
Counselor: Britney Derhak (970)254-6880
Principal's Secretary: Mary McCallister (970)254-6883
Records/Registrar: Cleo Green   (970)254-6882       Fax: (970)242-4465
Attendance Secretary: Tanya Daniel (970)254-6881


School District 51
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